Stop Telemarketers- Do Not Call

Working from home has been great, but one annoying issue I had was my phone ringing all the time!  I’d answer and say, “Please, put me on your do not call list”, but the calls persisted and seemed that they grew in volume daily.  This annoyed me and I would forget until the next telemarketing call.  What inspired me to investigate how to stop the spammers was when I was sitting with my parents and they received multiple spams call while I was there.  We joked about how to turn the tables and spam phone call revenge, but I remembered reading about new phones that would automatically block these unwanted spam calls.

I searched Amazon and found this amazing solution, AT&T CL82307 deck 6.0 (Amazon Link).  It had over 7, 000 reviews and it advertised the feature I was looking for “Smart Call Blocker”. I bought and it was delivered next day.  The installation wasn’t too hard, if you follow the automated guide.  I took the time and added all the numbers, I wanted to receive.  It stopped ALL the Spam calls instantly.  I was amazed and happy.  Of course, I bought one for my parents and programmed the numbers they wanted to receive.  They too reported, ALL spam calls have stopped.  Problem solved, until the spammers figure out how to get around this amazing AT&T telephone.