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How to Setup zipForm Transactions

Online course on how to setup zipForms and apply Hunter Manson templates. Course is 30 minutes.

Stop Telemarketers- Do Not Call

Working from home has been great, but one annoying issue I had was my phone ringing all the time!  I’d answer and say, “Please, put me on your do not call list”, but the calls persisted and seemed that they grew in volume daily.  This annoyed me and I would forget until the next telemarketing […]

Best Apps for REALTORS- Car: Automatic Pro

Automatic Pro UPDATE October 2020-  I am sad to report that Automatic has closed this wonderful technology.  This was the last service that you paid once and would have access to monitoring where your car’s location.  Now, you need to subscribe to a monthly service (uggh).  Lift your favorite beverage and toast to this wonderful […]

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